There are a lot of application fields of the rubber products.
UNIGOMMA manufactures rubber components for several industrial fields, from the most innovative one such as the photovoltaic till the most traditional one of the heating systems (for which we have a great experience).

Each industrial field presents specific and always new problems and UNIGOMMA can meet every single request with precision, reliability and punctual service.

UNIGOMMA manufactures rubber products for the following industrial fields and for all the new possible requests.

Agricultural machineries
Gaskets for any kind of agricultural machinery: accessories for agricultural machinery , bands, adhesive and reinforced gaskets for doors and rear windows, level indicator plugs, valves for oil outlet.
Automotive, motorcycles.
Some of the products requirements for these industrial fields are the high temperatures resistance, the resistance against outside sudden changes of temperature (from -60°C till + 300 °C), oils, additives, fuels and electrical conductivity.
Building industry and fire-prevention.
Wide range of rubber components according to drawing, requested for the building industry, hydraulic, fire-prevention and windows.
UNIGOMMA meets the requirements of this industrial field with high chemical, mechanical and electrical resistance products. They are designed for the insulation of electrical circuits and protective systems against humidity.
Fluid dynamic and oil-pressure
Products suitable for extreme temperatures, made with material and compounds resistant against abrasion and high pressures.
Food stuff industry
This industrial field requires rubber products made with specific compounds in compliance with the food quality standards. Liquid Silicone for example is tasteless and odourless and it can be FDA, KTW and WRAS approved.
Household appliances and coffee machines.
Special gaskets used in the production of big and little household appliances. They must be : non toxic, food compliant, conductive and have a good performance at very high and very low temperatures. This category can include also metal-rubber parts.
Production of rubber and silicone components for boilers and chimneys. Sleeves, connection bands and all the new possible requested products made respecting of all the recent standards.
Illuminating engineering
Gaskets and rubber components for spotlights, lamps, street lamps, indoor and outdoor lighting.
Oil industry
Gaskets and products for the oil industry for butterfly valves and fittings.
Photovoltaic and solar panels
UNIGOMMA is an advanced company and can offer also rubber components for the new industrial fields of alternative energy.
Shipping industry
Advanced and safe rubber gaskets, components and elements for the shipping industry.
TessileTextile industry
UNIGOMMA manufactures all the rubber components for any kind of textile machines.